40E84FE3-D249-4176-9F9D-09CFC54394BE_1_201_a     Artist Statement:   Julie has always been making things from fibers, cloth, paper, yarn, thread. From early attempts at sewn doll clothes to making her own clothing she has an innate impulse to use and reuse materials already at hand. Many of her current pieces incorporate vintage fabrics from her grandmother and mother’s collections. Most of Julie’s formal art training has been art  and painting classes at the University of California at Berkeley, as well as several design and surface design classes from professional teachers. The majority of her current working techniques are self-taught. She is interested in investigating how various fibers change over time, and experimenting to see what else they can do in unexpected combinations. Julie loves to combine different techniques in one piece, and to then explore these innovative combinations until they lead her to the place where her art says what she wants it to.

Julie currently works as a full time studio artist, creating unique and inspired fiber artworks using vintage, recycled, commercial, and self-made surface-designed fabrics; vintage, handmade and found paper; recycled or found metal and plastic; glass, wood and bone beads; painted and dyed yarn fibers and photo imagery.

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